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Tax and Utility Information

Real Estate Associations

Title Insurance

Check out these links for information on title insurance and our title insurance underwriter:

Mortgage Interest Rates

These links provide average national and regional interest rates.

Mortgage Calculators

These links provide mortgage calculators.

Mortgage News

For "News From & About The Industry", "Press Releases", and more "Late Breaking News", please check out the American Land and Title Association website.

Home Warranty

These links provide information on home warranties.

Home Inspection and Environmental Information

Browse these links for information related to Home Inspections and Environmental Issues:

  • EPA's Indoor Air Page - Deals with Radon, Environmental Tobacco Smoke (Secondhand Smoke), Biologicals (e.g., molds, bacteria, dust mites), Carbon monoxide, Organic gases (e.g., solvents, cleansers and disinfectants, dry-cleaning), Formaldehyde (e.g., pressed wood products, furniture, fabrics), Pesticides, Asbestos, Lead, Nitrogen dioxide, Respirable particles
  • HUD's Lead Page - HUD's Lead Paint Pamphlet
  • American Society of Home Inspectors - Information regarding Aluminum Wiring, Lead, Radon, Underground Oil Storage Tanks, Septic Systems and more

General Links

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