Case Study: Incorrect Grantor

A title search of a DC property discovered a 1994 deed from the US Marshals to a DC LLC.  The subsequent Deed in 1995 had a different LLC listed as the grantor.  The property subsequently sold in 2005 without the prior deed being corrected to have the correct entity name.  Both DC entities were part of the Riggs Bank owned properties and was an obvious mistake when preparing the deeds.  Now that Riggs Bank is no longer in business, we had to locate the original signors of the deed to get them to sign corrective deeds and affidavits in order to be able to insure the new purchase closing.  Had we not been able to locate the parties from deed more than 20 years ago, the current owner would have to make a claim on their title policy and the underwriter would need to step in and file a quiet title action.  While we try to fix problems before they become a claim, it is rare in situations like these that we were able to locate someone that would cooperate in fixing this issue.