Tax Rates

District of Columbia Property Tax Rates:

DC property tax year runs from October 1st through September 31st and are due March 31st for the period from October through March and September 15th for the period from April though September.  The tax rate for residential property is .85% of the assessed value.

*DC exempts the first $73,350 if you occupy the property as your principle residence and you file a homestead deduction application. Once the deduction has been in effect for a full tax year, DC will not increase your taxable assessment by more than 10% per year.

DC Recorder of Deeds FAQ

Maryland Recording Fees and Property Tax Rates:

Maryland property tax year runs July 1 through June 30th.  The property taxes are due in September for the full year.  A residential owner-occupied property has an option of paying half a year in September and the remaining in December.  The tax rate and recording taxes vary by county.  Every August, new real property tax rates are posted on the Maryland Dept. of Assessment and Taxation website (MD real property tax rates).  County recordation and transfer taxes vary by county.  State recordation tax is .5% unless the buyer qualifies as a first time home buyer for a lower rate.

Virginia Recording Fees and Property Tax Rates:

Virginia real property tax year runs the calendar year.  The payment due dates vary by county or city.  Arlington County property taxes are due June 5th and October 5th.  Fairfax County property taxes are due July 28th and December 5th.  Loudoun County property taxes are due June 5th and December 5th.  Prince William County property taxes are due July 15th and December 5th.  The City of Alexandria property taxes are due June 15th and November 15th.

Florida Recording Fees and Property Tax Rates:


Pennsylvania Recording Fees Property Tax Rates: